Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Making of a Book Trailer ~ Day 2

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Okay, so hopefully you’ve had time to view a few book trailers and now have an idea of what you would like yours to look like. To see what mine looks like you can go here. (Ignore the "now available" info. 'cause it's not quite true yet. :) I put up the brand new trailer just for you all to take a peek at.)

The next step in creating your book trailer is to find the pictures. It will be helpful to you if you have a specific idea of what you are looking for. So take a few minutes to plan out your trailer.

When looking for pictures keep in mind that many of the pictures on the Internet are copyrighted. There are several sites where you can sign up for an account and buy pictures for a fairly reasonable fee. There are also several sites where you can get free pictures - but many of them you have to sign up for an account. Just do a google search for ‘free pictures’ or something along that line and you will get plenty of returns.

The site I like to use is Flickr. You’ll notice that the link takes you to the ‘Creative Commons’ section of that site. Many of the photos on Flickr are copyrighted, however the ones in the Creative Commons area have user-friendly licenses associated with them. I only used the ‘Attribution License’ photos. These photos are denoted with the word ‘By:’ in a circle. You can use these pictures freely, and even make changes to them, as long as you give the author credit.

Click the ‘See More’ link under the Attribution License section. Then you will be able to search for specific types of pictures. Here I should put a caveat - you may run into some offensive pictures.

When you find a picture that you think you may use, click into it and you will be given the option of different sizes that are available for download. Select the size you want (I went for larger sizes, though not always the largest) and click download. (It will help you later if you have all your pictures in the same folder, so I suggest that you make a specific folder on your computer to put all your pictures into. Mine was called, “Book Trailer Images”.) Don’t forget to keep a log of the photostream names for the pictures you want to use - later you will need these in order to credit the authors.

I would also like to say thanks to Cindy for bringing my attention to You can use images from that site with freedom to edit them and you don't even have to keep track of attributions.

Alright, you are ready to go! Have fun downloading your pictures. I recommend that you download more than you think you will use.

If any of you have links to royalty-and-copyright-free picture sites, please comment with the url.

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