Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Places to Upload Your Book Trailer

Okay, so you've finished your book trailer, right? And now you need places to post that trailer so that people will see it and rush right out to buy your book! :) I hope the following list of places will be of benefit to you. Oh, and I'd still love to see those finished trailers, so don't hesitate to comment with a link to yours.

In my web wanderings recently I've begun to notice that there are new video sites popping up all over the place. And the good news is that some of them are dedicated just to book trailers.

Of course there is YouTube and Tangle (formerly GodTube). These, for now, are probably the two largest/best places to upload your trailer. So if you are limited on time at first, start here, then expand to the list below.

Other places I've found:

* (Connected to YouTube, so if you upload to YouTube, your video will eventually make it's way here, too.)
* (You have to submit your trailer for review before they will post it. Check out their FAQs page for more info.)
* (click 'Services' to upload your trailer.)
* (again, connected to YouTube)

I'm sure there are more, so if you know of a sight I've missed, please respond with the link in a comment. Happy uploading, everyone! :)

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