Friday, July 30, 2010

A Little Self-Publishing Humor

And the following is the sequel:

BTW, I'm not recommending (or not recommending) her book. Don't know anything about it. Just enjoyed the humor in these little vids. Hope you do too. 

Happy Friday, everyone!
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  1. HAH! This is fantastic! I love sarcastic, dry humor. "I have dictionary ninja skills."


  2. Ha! Too funny. That program looks like fun.

  3. I thought these were a good laugh as well. I like the "You're dead to us now.." "Stop being so ...emo" moment, especially.

  4. What? My refrigerator isn't a museum? I must sell it. Suffer for my art. Eat ramen noodles. Then obey everyone. Edit according to their whims.

    I need all the affirmations I can get.

    This is hysterical!

  5. My whole family gathered around the computer and laughed at this. Too funny!

  6. Love the humour in these videos.

    The dynamite on the table was a nice touch!

  7. These are awesome! Thanks for posting them.

    I found your blog post on Google when looking for jokes to tell during the writing workshop I'm teaching next month on self publishing. I'm pretty sure it's real publishing.