Monday, July 5, 2010

Marketing - Creative Contests to Drive Sales

Marketing is all about getting people to notice your product. (And then hopefully after they notice it, BUY the product.)

But let's face it, in our world we are bombarded with products we are supposed to take note of, every day. You can't drive to the grocery store, turn on the TV, listen to the radio, or even surf the Internet, without being exposed to a gazillion gadgets and gizmos that someone wants you to buy.

As a result, our society has become mostly numb to many marketing schemes. When we watch a DVD we let the adds run while we finish making pop corn, when the radio switches over to the yakking we change it to another station or turn it off altogether, etc.

One way to break through to people however is to give them something they want in exchange for their recognition of your product.

Book giveaways on blogs have risen dramatically over the past few years. Many people take note of the product (enter the drawing) but only one wins. Then hopefully the others who took note will go out and buy. There is also the benefit of the word of mouth advertising the winner will promulgate if the book is well done.

For my first book I did a couple different blog tours.

For my next book I plan to do blog tours, but I also approached a Bed & Breakfast in the small town of Pierce, ID, the setting of my first book. I asked them if they would be willing to donate a night's stay as part of my marketing campaign for my 2nd book, High Desert Haven. Colleen, owner of The Outback Bed & Breakfast, was more than happy to do that. She went beyond my expectations in what she was willing to donate and I'm very excited to see the results.

I will enter people into the drawing for the vacation if they buy one or more of my books and report back to me that they did so. I'm still working out all the details of how it will play out, so maybe I'll post another time about exactly how I ran the drawing.

Meanwhile, what are some unique things you have done to attract people to your book?
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