Monday, July 26, 2010

Resource Round-Up for Fantasy Writers

For today's resource round-up post I decided to focus on links specifically for the Fantasy writers among us. Fantasy is such a fun genre for a writer to delve into. Creating your own world can be very rewarding, but it can also be a big challenge. Hopefully the following links will help you along the way. 

This first link is to a whole page of resources for the Fantasy writer:

Every author knows that they'd better be well-read in their genre. The following is a list of what could arguably be the top 20 Fantasy writers of all time. I disagree with the fact that C.S. Lewis only made the honorable mention list, but I digress.

A forum for Fantasy writers is here:

Writer info. at Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America:

Maps are an important part of any Fantasy novel:

Pro Fantasy Map Making Software is one of the top map-creating software companies out there. And here is a blog offering a contest to win some vouchers for money off of those software programs. (He's also got a very cool blog about map-making.)

AutoRealm is a free GNU mapping software:

Well, that should get you started and give you some fun places to visit. Please be aware that for the links above that have many pages linked from them, I didn't not have the time to visit every page.

Are you a fantasy writer? What are some of your favorite resources on the web?

Happy Monday, everyone!
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  1. Fun! Wish I'd known about the mapping software a few years ago when I was working on Dreamers .

  2. Great post! Though I do have a bone to pick with the "Top 20" article that Lloyd Alexander is only an honorable mention. I love him! Thanks so much for compiling the resources, though. So many great nooks and crannies to explore.

  3. I'm excited to look into the mapping software in the near future, Katie.

    Becky, I took a little issue with that list too. :) Hope you find lots of interesting things to spur you on in your fantasy writing.

  4. The Stormcastle article on map-making was really good. Many more jump off points at that sight when I have more time! Thanks.

  5. This is great--a genre-specific post. I don't think it would hurt for us to do more of these! Thanks, Lynnette!

  6. Not gonna' lie... I'm tempted to purchase that entire Pro Fantasy suite right now.

  7. This is a great collection of helpful links. Thanks so much for putting it together :)

  8. Betty, Glad you enjoyed it!

    Linda, I'm glad you think so. I do too.

    Faith, hope you find many useful links!

    Austin, LOL. Quick! Freeze the credit cards! I was really tempted by it too.

    Lynda, sure thing! Glad to be of service.