Monday, July 26, 2010

Resource Round-Up for Fantasy Writers

For today's resource round-up post I decided to focus on links specifically for the Fantasy writers among us. Fantasy is such a fun genre for a writer to delve into. Creating your own world can be very rewarding, but it can also be a big challenge. Hopefully the following links will help you along the way. 

This first link is to a whole page of resources for the Fantasy writer:

Every author knows that they'd better be well-read in their genre. The following is a list of what could arguably be the top 20 Fantasy writers of all time. I disagree with the fact that C.S. Lewis only made the honorable mention list, but I digress.

A forum for Fantasy writers is here:

Writer info. at Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America:

Maps are an important part of any Fantasy novel:

Pro Fantasy Map Making Software is one of the top map-creating software companies out there. And here is a blog offering a contest to win some vouchers for money off of those software programs. (He's also got a very cool blog about map-making.)

AutoRealm is a free GNU mapping software:

Well, that should get you started and give you some fun places to visit. Please be aware that for the links above that have many pages linked from them, I didn't not have the time to visit every page.

Are you a fantasy writer? What are some of your favorite resources on the web?

Happy Monday, everyone!
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