Monday, August 16, 2010

Interview With Nick Harrison of Harvest House Publishing

This video interview with Nick Harrison, an Editor at Harvest House Publishing, was filmed at the Northwest Christian Writers Renewal Conference in May of 2010. Dennis Brooke is the Vice President of our writer's association.

Watch the interview here to hear Nick’s thoughts on “the forty percent” of effort that an author needs to dedicate beyond the writing and the concept of a five year plan to help you set realistic expections.

Like it, or not, fellow writers - we can't ONLY be writers. If we really want to get our words out there with a publisher, there are things we need to do other than just write a good story.

Nick Harrison is an editor with a Harvest House publishing and continues to write books in his spare time. Visit his website at

Dennis Brooke writes about Almost True Stories of Life at He’s been a member of NCWA for three years and currently serves as Vice-President and Webmaster.
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  1. Good interview. Loved that bit about Brandilyn.

  2. Good interview. We've heard it all before but it carries more weight when it comes from an editor, doesn't it? Thanks for sharing.

  3. Very encouraging, Lynnette! Thanks!

  4. Great! If all you want to be is a writer, you never have to do anything but write. But if you want to sell books, you have to be a businessperson. It's a fact of life in this brave, new world in which we live!

  5. Linda, yes, Brandilyn was our keynote speaker this year. She has quite a story of how the Lord led and worked in her when she was first trying to break into publishing.

    Jess, yes, somehow it does!

    KatC, I'm glad this was encouraging to you. Some people might find it discouraging. But, honestly, I've been to my share of writing conferences and I've loved the experience at each and every one. They are well worth the time and expense, if people are serious about their writing.

    Katie, that is so true. And on top of all that, most of us have a "real" job! :)