Monday, August 23, 2010

Resource Roundup: Streamliners and Backups

Enjoy this month’s roundup of sites and programs designed to streamline your writing life and keep your work safely backed up.

Luminary Writer’s Database: Online submission tracker that includes social networking features for sharing markets among writers.

WriteWith: Perfect for co-writers. Upload your work and assign collaborators.

Wrike: Manage your projects with the help of an email interface for adding documents and assigning tasks.

Mozy: Automatically backup selected folders (first 2GB free).

Toodledo: This task management system works well with various services, including Jott, Twitter, and Google Calendar.

Google Notebook: Google offers online storage for notes and includes instant capture via a Firefox extension.

iGoogle: Streamline your homepage with hundreds of add-on widgets, including a notebook, calendar, to-do list, and access to Facebook, Twitter, and hundreds more. Offers 5GB free online storage, complete with file sharing.

Jott: Transcribes voice messages to text.
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