Monday, August 23, 2010

Resource Roundup: Streamliners and Backups

Enjoy this month’s roundup of sites and programs designed to streamline your writing life and keep your work safely backed up.

Luminary Writer’s Database: Online submission tracker that includes social networking features for sharing markets among writers.

WriteWith: Perfect for co-writers. Upload your work and assign collaborators.

Wrike: Manage your projects with the help of an email interface for adding documents and assigning tasks.

Mozy: Automatically backup selected folders (first 2GB free).

Toodledo: This task management system works well with various services, including Jott, Twitter, and Google Calendar.

Google Notebook: Google offers online storage for notes and includes instant capture via a Firefox extension.

iGoogle: Streamline your homepage with hundreds of add-on widgets, including a notebook, calendar, to-do list, and access to Facebook, Twitter, and hundreds more. Offers 5GB free online storage, complete with file sharing.

Jott: Transcribes voice messages to text.
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  1. I've always worried about backing my up my WIP in places like Mozy. How safe is it? How easy would it be for someone to hack and my work stolen? Or am I being paranoid? :p

  2. I really have zero concerns about my work being stolen from anywhere. Plagiarization is an over-hyped risk, IMO. However, I probably wouldn't put any sensitive personal information (passwords, bank account numbers, etc.) on an Internet storage site, just to be on safe side.

  3. Have you ever tried

  4. I've never personally used it, but I've heard lots of good things about it.