Friday, November 19, 2010

Fabulously Fun Friday ~ A Little Fun with English

A king reigns, but he never reins, or rains. However, he might reign in the rain, or rein in someone who objects to his reign. (BTW, why isn't a king's reign pronounced "rin"? After all, someone from another country is "foreign," right? But wait, maybe "foreign" is the odd ball out because we also have "deign" and "feign.")

A bare bear has no hair. But a hare definitely bears hair.

A beau holding a bow can bow while balancing on a bough, but it is probably rather hard to do. However, if he bows while standing on the bow of a ship with his hair in a bow, that might be easier.

You can write with your right hand about a Scottish rite, but be sure you get it right.

Once upon a time, two boys chopped a cord of wood to sell for four cents. There at the fore, their mother cored and baked apples to sell too. However, the scents stole their senses and now they're singing chords that rhyme for thyme.

Due to the dew, do you think the ewe will lay under the yew?

Eight bald babies bawled as they ate.

When it comes to betting dough, you may need to know whether a wether can weather the weather better than a doe.

And one last one...

Merry Mary was all set to marry principal Larry, but now he's overdue, and she's standing at the altar feeling quite hostile and piqued. She doesn't want to overdo, but it's the principle of the thing. Perhaps she will alter her plans and peek at the Apennine peaks and roam the hostel in Rome on her own.

Happy Friday, everyone! :D

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