Monday, November 22, 2010

Resource Round-Up for Historical Fiction Writers

A few months ago I gave you a resource round up post focused on Fantasy. You can see it here.

This time, I'd like to focus on links that might help those of you who are historical fiction writers.

1.  This is a complete bibliography of books and journals from Hearth's Home Economics Archives: Research, Tradition, History, organized by both author and title or by publication year. The complete issues of Harper's Bazaar can be found here for many years.

2. Fascinating Blog with lots of great historical facts - Jane Austen's World.

3. You'll find tons of information on presidential elections at The American Presidency Project.

4. On this website you'll find some great Historic Hospital Records.

5.  I found some wonderful historic maps on Maps Etc.

6. Historical Uses of Herbal Products, has some very interesting information on the history of healing remedies.

7. Need to know about dancing? Check out the Victorian Dance Society.

8. Sometimes I need that correct architectural term. This list has been helpful to me in the past. Architecture Glossary.
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  1. Lots of good stuff here! Thanks for sharing, Lynnette.

  2. These are great resources. Thanks for sharing them! If I may add another... the New York Times online ( has a fabulous archive that dates back to 1851. I've used it many times. You have to use the "advance search" option to find articles that far back.

    Jessica McCann
    Author of the novel All Different Kinds of Free

  3. Awesome, Thanks for sharing the link, Jessica!