Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Review of The Writer's Survival Guide to Getting Published by Terry Burns

Adapted from an online course offered through the American Christian Fiction Writers Association, this compact book by literary agent and multi-pubbed author Terry Burns (and edited by AC’s own Linda Yezak) offers a glimpse behind the curtain into the truth of what agents really expect from supplicant authors. Burns opens with a fabulous chapter on banishing shyness and projecting confidence in both personal meetings with agents and written proposals.

From there, he goes on to offer an accessible battle plan for adopting the right mindset in querying agents and editors. He discusses the particulars of the art of querying and shares insights from his extensive experience as both an author and an agent. His unique perspective offers readers a balanced look at both sides of publishing business, and his calm and reasonable suggestions, encouragement, and precautions are invaluable.

Most chapters concluded with a Q&A section, taken verbatim from his online courses, which offered further clarifications and, in many instances, answered any outstanding questions I had after completing the body of the chapter. Burns closes the book with a peek at one of his own successful submission packages, rounding off a thoroughly useful and expedient read.
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