Friday, February 4, 2011


I found it! The site with the answer to the dos and don'ts of pluralization. I discovered the VIPs who are in the know--whether they have MAs or PhDs, whether they were born in the 1980s or 1990s. These are the ones who undoubtedly got As and Bs all through high school and beyond.

Right now, you're wondering, "What is she talking about?" If you're an astute writer, you're thinking, "The plurals in that paragraph can't be right."

If you're a writer who uses The Chicago Manual of Style or The Christian Writer's Manual of Style, you already know the answer to the burning question: ?

If you want to be in the know too, follow the link . . .
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  1. I found that on Stumble. It took me a minute to know what the response was to, but then I read the blog address. Too funny!

  2. Very funny! I think using an apostrophe is a very common mistake.

  3. That's great! :o) I recently had a lesson about this with my son (I'm also a homeschooler) but this would have been a fun illustration.

  4. Tracy--it is a common mistake. Of course, I tend to run the other way and not put it in when I should. Oops!

    Lee--I'm glad you liked it. You can still show it to your son!

  5. People love to throw apostrophes in everywhere!!! :)

  6. Jemi--apostrophes and commas are such tricky little fellas. Either there are too many or not enough.