Friday, February 18, 2011

Fabulously Fun Friday: The Journal of Universal Rejection

Feeling bad about a recent rejection of your manuscript? Try looking at the cup through the same half-full goggles of the Journal of Universal Rejection.

About the Journal
The founding principle of the Journal of Universal Rejection (JofUR) is rejection. Universal rejection. That is to say, all submissions, regardless of quality, will be rejected. Despite that apparent drawback, here are a number of reasons you may choose to submit to the JofUR:

  • You can send your manuscript here without suffering waves of anxiety regarding the eventual fate of your submission. You know with 100% certainty that it will not be accepted for publication.

  • There are no page-fees.

  • You may claim to have submitted to the most prestigious journal (judged by acceptance rate).

  • The JofUR is one-of-a-kind. Merely submitting work to it may be considered a badge of honor.

  • You retain complete rights to your work, and are free to resubmit to other journals even before our review process is complete.

  • Decisions are often (though not always) rendered within hours of submission.

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    1. Just brilliant. I might send in something just to feel the rush.

    2. Well, gee. I don't have to wait with dread for that reject letter in the mail when I already know the outcome. Perfect! :D

    3. Gotta wonder why magazines and book agents didn't think of this sooner!

    4. Isn't it? Glad you got a kick out of it.

    5. I hope their rejection slips come in different colors. I have a wall I'd like to decorate ...

      ~ VT

    6. You could always suggest that to them. Of course, they'd probably reject it...

    7. LOL! I wonder if some of my submissions have been going to this Journal by mistake? I'll have to double check! Hmmm.... :D

    8. That would be a bad mistake to make!

    9. @Lynnette... that might be what a lot of people are thinking right now. :)

      I like this idea. It's full of hope.

    10. You gotta like something that makes rejection sound hopeful!