Friday, February 11, 2011

Fabulously Fun Friday ~ Love in the Time of Amazon

After watching this video my husband said, "If it's any consolation, I haven't been buying your book on Amazon." :D

I thought this was very cute and creative. How many of you are working on book trailers for your books? What unique things have you done with your trailers? Feel free to post a link in the comments!

Happy Friday, Everyone!
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  1. I'm not obsessive about Amazon. I don't need to be. I have my mum stalking my ranking for me and informing me when I'm selling well. She stalks the rest of the internet too - just in case of new reviews.

    Sometimes I think she's more concerned about my book than I am!

  2. This dangerous information! If our families see this, they'll figure out how to get us to do all the odd jobs around the house!

  3. Jessica, LOL! Isn't it great, though, having someone as invested in your work as you are? :)

    Katy, ha, ha, ha!

  4. Talk about supporting your fellow author! LOL!

    Personally, I'm not worried about numbers so much as having the book available.

    ~ VT