Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Call for Submission: The Book of Fascination, edited by Rob Kennedy

The Book of Fascination is to be a multi-authored, multi-platform initiative.

The central product is a hard copy book. An e-book could also be one of the other platforms of the initiative. The primary product is a hard copy book, consisting of up to 30 authors original content. Each article less than 5,000 words, multiple articles possible and encouraged. It’s envisaged that the book will contain between 100,000 and 150,000 words, plus associated images and links.

Each author’s fascination can be based on their ultimate fascination, which may not be their primary interest as an author. E.g.: a crime novelist might have a fascination for skydiving and may have never written about it. A fantasy writer may have a fascination for baroque statues.

I have three articles on fascination already written:

Fascinating Pâté – The fascination for the overwhelming desire to devour that glorious substance that is pâté, balanced against the horrible, disgusting and cruel production methods of creating pâté. (The force-feeding of geese).

Fascinating People (But from Behind) – A look at the fascination that some artists throughout history have with recording and portraying people from behind, artists from Caspar David Friedrich to the Australian artist Mark Hislop.

Fascinating Alcohol – Alcohol, wrecks, ruins, creates, conceives and destroys lives, art, businesses, relationships, and even countries. Australia’s fascination with alcohol is unique among countries. My fascinating as an artist, sometimes relies on alcohol. Why?

The multi-platform part of the initiative can consist of social networking sites such as Facebook or even Twitter, e.g.: Your fascination in 140 characters or less, collect these and publish the best in the book. We could do a similar thing with Facebook, Bebo, MySpace and the like. Limit it to 500 words. The general public could contribute to this book, meaning we could do many editions of The Book of Fascination. Perhaps even bring them out as individual fascinations, such as a book of fascination on artworks, on books, on music/composers, on dance and dancers.

The Book or Books of Fascination might work better with a general focus, such as articles/responses only on the arts, or other specific subjects. Various possibilities should be assessed and perhaps tested to see what works best for the authors and the market.

I am currently searching for authors for this project and with support will be applying for a New Works Grant from the Australia Council to fund the project.

The owner of Boccalatte has expressed an interest in being involved in this project. Click here to sign up for the project.
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