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Interview with Lisa Grace

Lisa Grace is an author to watch for. She snagged a major endorsement for her young-adult series, Angel in the Shadows: AOL picked her Angel series as the Christian alternative to the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyers for their Top Ten Most Challenged Book List of 2010.

Aside from her photo--a show stopper in itself (and yes, that is her real hair)--Lisa's other hit promo gimmick is her tag line, "The difference between angels and vampires? Angels are real."

And they're among us, both the good angels and the ones straight from hell. Lisa's characters are in for one supernatural battle.

Lisa and I met last year in Indianapolis at the ACFW conference. I was impressed with her. I hope you will be too:

What is the setting for your novel?

Angel in the Shadows:
Book 1 takes place in the present, starting at a summer camp in North Carolina, then back in Megan’s home town of Clearwater, Florida, in time for the new school year. Megan’s high school becomes a battle field in the fight between good and evil.

What prompted you to write this series?

I love books about the supernatural. There are so many about vampires, but hardly any of the books out there deal with the supernatural from a biblical point of view. Angels and demons are mentioned over four hundred times in the Bible. Other supernatural creatures are discussed too.
Few of supernatural books make it cool to be human. We have an immortal soul and a spiritual war going on whether we choose to “see” it or not. Our immortal soul is important. I think this is a frightening and awesome prospect. I wanted to write novels from these perspectives.

I also wanted to confront the issues teenagers are facing today--drugs, sex, teen pregnancy, abortion, etc. The Angel series characters are dealing with these problems head-on.

Why do you write?

Because I have stories to tell. Behind the story is a truth. I’m afraid not to write these stories. I don’t want to get to the end of my life and say, “What if…” Also, I honestly believe if I don’t write them, someone else will. When I write the story, the characters take on a life of their own. Many of my plot twists come to me as I’m writing and are not planned in advance.

When did you realize that you wanted to write a novel?

I’ve always considered myself a writer. At the age of five I asked for a typewriter so I could write down my
Star Trek scripts. This last year I finally got disciplined and set a goal of writing two thousand words a day, no matter what, day in day out. That advice came out of Stephen King’s book, On Writing.

What obstacles did you have to overcome to finish your novel?

My largest obstacle was time management. I am married and have a seven year-old. Also, I was still working on a major production of Cinderella for the dance academy and teaching Sunday School, all while writing my two thousand words a day.

Just for fun, tell us something unusual about yourself.

The best pet I ever had was an opossum. A full-size Virginian Opossum. He was paper-trained and we had him for almost four years before he passed away from old age. He would talk lovey talk, cuddle on our laps, and travel in a cat carrier. Opossum’s deserve more respect as America’s
only native marsupial.

Angel in the Shadow: Book One

Short Synopsis
Megan Laughlin, a fifteen year old sophomore in high school, has the gift of seeing angels and demons. Megan attracts the attention of Judas, an evil angel, who wants to destroy her, her classmates, and loved ones. She must deal with being a target of Judas and still handle all the problems of a normal teenage girl--save teens from over-dosing at a rave, confront damaging gossip, and watch her best friend make a life-altering decision. Meanwhile, she feels helpless as Judas manages to destroy two classmates and sets out to seduce or destroy her in the process. Can Megan save others while being a target herself?

Contact the author at and to read an excerpt from her second novel in the Angel series, Angel in the Storm.

Angel in the Shadows, Book One by Lisa Grace, is distributed through Ingram Books, and is available through Barnes & Noble and
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  1. Thanks for stopping by today, Lisa! It was great hearing about your journey and motivations as a writer.

  2. Sounds like a great series for young readers, Lisa! Way to go!

  3. Thanks Linda, Katie, & Lynn. I'm finishing up edits on Book Two in the "Angel" series and appreciate you stopping by to share your thoughts :).

  4. Fantastic interview :) It is always helpful and inspiring for me to read the thoughts and ideas and experiences of other writers. Thanks for sharing!

    Sarah Allen
    (my creative writing blog)

  5. Thanks for the great interview, Lisa.

    And to this: "Behind the story is a truth. I’m afraid not to write these stories. I don’t want to get to the end of my life and say, “What if…” Also, I honestly believe if I don’t write them, someone else will," all I can say is, amen! I feel exactly the same way about my own writing.


  6. Sounds like an excellent series, perhaps reminiscent of Peretti's monumental novel 'This Present Darkness' ... ? In any case, best of luck to you, Lisa.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. OOps! Thanks, Linda, for interviewing Lisa. Loved reading more about her and her work. Lisa, keep at it! Great subject matter! May the Lord bless what you're doing!

  9. Sarah - Thanks for posting such a positive comment.

    John - Thanks John! So many people have a great idea for a novel, but how many actually follow through and write them? I pray God keeps the ideas coming for you, me, and all the writers who will turn them into a reality. Blessings to you too.

    Tracy - Lol, I just read "This Present Darkness" over Christmas break and I love Frank Perretti's work. I especially enjoyed "Monster". Frank's work and mine, while along the same theme, have some differences. One distinction is the heroine in the "Angel" series can "see" angels. Another is the angels interact with humans as humans - not just behind the scenes. I'm reaching out to unsaved teens by showing the consequences of their decisions through the action in the book. The teen's bad decisions usually end with devastating results.

  10. hey Ms. Lisa,

    thanks for the interview!! I will just grab a copy of the book at the earliest!! want to check it out!!!

    Hey everyone at AuthorCulture, why don't you guys post something on ManuScript!! I don't even understand what it is!! There are lot of people out there who are looking out for help!! How is manuscript different from my Novel???

  11. Great interview. Lisa, I knew you were a possum lover, like I am. And I knew you were an author. What I didn't know was: we both write about angles and demons.

    When people tell me they don't believe in demons, I have to ask: What do you think happened to 1/3 of the angels who chose to leave heaven with Lucifer when he was kicked out? They didn't retire.

    My targeted audience is mature adults. Bless you for targeting teenagers. I'm sure your work will make a big difference in God's kingdom. Keep up the good work.

  12. Lynn - Thank you and may God bless your writing too.

    Allmyposts - Thank you for reading the interview. Several posts here on AuthorCulture offer great advice on manuscripts. I recommend taking a creative writing class to brush up on English and grammar skills, and checking out library books on the art of writing. :)

  13. Hi Lisa!! I am excited to receive your e-mail! I do need to get busy and buy book # 1. You have accomplised much in so little His power! I have not forgotten our talk at ACFW Conference and I'm so excited for your success!

  14. Lynne - Too cool!:)Yes, fallen angels and demons are hard at work.

    Susan - I'm praying I get to go out to conference again this year so I can touch base with you and all the other supportive friends I made.