Monday, June 27, 2011

Resource Roundup

Not long ago, I needed to know when the sun set in September in Texas for my WIP. Even though I live in Texas, for some reason, I just couldn't come up with the answer on my own. That's when I found Time and Date dot com. This site is a time zone calculator, sun and moon calculator, date calculator. We used it recently to help DH figure some dates in years passed for business purposes. It's a helpful site.

The Bookshelf Muse was a terrific find. This site provides a thesaurus for emotions, colors/textures/shapes, weather patterns and more. It's a great tool for describing even those difficult facial expressions you're trying to capture. It even has a symbolism thesaurus. If you really into self-torture, poke "Bakery" under Settings on the sidebar.

Another terrific tool is Plaxo, used for maintaining control over your contacts. Plaxo allows you to import names and information from several sources including LinkedIn, Facebook, Yahoo, etc. and organizes them in one location. You also can keep your info updated and available for those wishing to keep up with you.

These are the sites I've found since the last time I had a "Resource Roundup" post, but now, I'm hoping someone will explain a resource to me: What is Facebook's new rave, "BranchOut"?
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