Friday, April 29, 2011

Something Different

I'm late, I'm late!!!

Actually, I didn't realize it was my turn to provide the FFF post today. So I scrambled through Stumble, and found this. Okay, it doesn't really relate to writing, but, hey, we can be different occasionally:

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  1. Heeeheem, reminds me of my characters!

  2. The rock is what you use for a paper weight to keep your story from blowing away.

    The paper, of course, is what you write your story on.

    The scissors... well, those are what you use to cut up your story when it doesn't turn out quite like you'd hoped it would. :)

  3. I have a slightly different interpretation. Paper is what my story is printed out on. Rock is how solid you hope your story is for other readers. Scissors (along with paste) are what you metaphorically use to chop up an old story to make a new one, or to edit an existing WIP. I guess you could call this teamwork rather than rivalry. :D

  4. Ah, that's the ticket! Present something non-writing related and let the readers interpret how it *does* relate! Love it!