Friday, June 24, 2011

Say what?

Some of you may (or may not) know that our oldest son Mike, his wife Julie, and their boys Caleb and Noah recently returned from a long stint in India as missionaries. It was a joyous reunion, and while they were at our house we got to reminiscing about the struggles they went through finding funding for their trip.

One night, early in the process, they held a meeting in the fellowship hall at their church, where they told the members of their vision, that talk to be followed by a question and answer session. During this time my wife and I held our grandsons Caleb and Noah, who were then five and three respectively, on our laps. Not surprisingly the boys were a bit antsy during Mike and Julie’s talk, but in general were well-behaved.

Then came the end, and Mike asked if anyone had any questions. Several hands went up … including little Noah’s. Mike took the questions from the adults one at a time, but kept shaking his head at Noah, silently telling him to put his hand down. To no avail. During the next fifteen minutes Noah patiently kept his hand up, all the while getting the hairy eyeball from his parents.

Finally the last question was answered, and Mike scanned the audience. “Anybody else?” he enquired. At this Noah started waving his arm, getting some chuckles from the group.

Mike sighed and smiled at his son. “Yes, Noah, what’s your question?”

To which our little grandson, in dead earnestness came back, “How come when I go swimming I have to wear a life jacket?”

The room exploded in laughter.

I guess kids really do say the darndest things … or at least the most surreal!

So what's the craziest thing you ever heard a child say?
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