Monday, July 25, 2011

Resource Roundup - Lots of Little Things Today

Most of these links will be helpful if you write historical fiction of any type. But there are other genres that would find a couple of these links helpful, too.

Need to know about vintage hats, anyone?

Or how about the parts of furniture? When you need that illusive synonym this site can be very handy. Don't forget to check out the categories on the side.

Struggling with how to describe your heroine's purple dress from 1862? Or simply need a dress to throw on her? Check out this site:

This is a LONG list of internet sites that do reviews of books. Great promotion opportunities here!

I love the food timeline found at:

And here are a few links for design elements. Whether you need a background for your website, book cover, or whatever.

I played for way too long with this tartan creator.

Here is a reflection maker:

A Stripe Generator:

And a navigation tab generator:

If you are designing your own website GRSites.Com has a ton of helpful backgrounds and other nifty stuff. This link goes to their huge database of background textures, but don't forget to explore the other offerings on their site - there's LOTS there.

And that's it for today, folks. Have a super week. And if you have some other nifty websites to share along these lines, feel free to do so in the comments.
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  1. Perfect timing with the hat website! I just spent way too long the other day hunting down a picture of a hat. Thanks, Lynnette!

  2. What neat resource links. I actually never thought there would be sites that could help me with hats and dresses and furniture - these are great. Thank you. And I will defn be checking out the book review site.

  3. Ok, that food timeline link is a lot of fun...and quite useful.

  4. Katie, Sorry the post didn't go up a few days ago. :)

    Lani, isn't it great the resources we have at our fingertips that a few years ago authors would have had to spend hours and hours researching?

    MGalloway, glad you had fun with it, and I hope it will prove useful in your writing.

  5. Absolutely awesome. Thanks for this. :)

  6. This is one terrific bookmarkable post. Thanks for all the resources. I can also use them in the classroom when we read historical fiction.

  7. Sure thing, Nora.

    Leslie, that's a great idea to make history come alive for your students.

  8. Great set of resources, Lynnette. I see several I can put to regular use. Thanks!

  9. Fantastic list of resources. :)

  10. Linda, glad you can use some of these.

    BellaVida, glad you found them useful. :)