Friday, July 1, 2011

The Writing Clock

My writing is at the 8 o'clock mark, which means I'm at the pathetic stage. You know how the writing clock goes, don't you?

1:00 = I am off to a fabulous start. Darn, I'm good.

2:00 = I love the way my beginning scenes are coming together. There's fire in my veins.

3:00 = I can write! My readers will love this. I'm even keeping my office neat and tidy.

4:00 = I don't feel like writing today. Help me, Lord.

5:00 = I'm in a dry spell, but I will write because I AM A WRITER!

6:00 = Where was I going with this story? Gotta reread the entire STUPID thing!

7:00 = This stinks so bad I have to put a clothespin on my nose while I write.

8:00 = I cannot write. My readers will hate this. My office is starting to smell like dirty socks.

9:00 = Yow! I have to start winding this down! This is worse than the underside of a bad quilt.

10:00 = Where did all these loose ends come from? God, I need SUPER DIVINE WISDOM!

11:00 = I see it! I see it! It's coming together. Thank you, Lord!

12:00 = The End! I can't imagine putting myself through this again, but, alas, another story is brewing.
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  1. Oh my God I LOVE this!!
    And let me see, I currently am at 10:00 but hoping for the best ;-) !

  2. I'm at 10:00, also known as revision :)

  3. I'm at 12. Unfortunately, it's more a case of. The End!!! I got there! It's done! All of the pieces fit together! Oh God! I've got to edit this now, haven't I? Someone, save me.

  4. I've been pushed back to 6:00. Sigh.

  5. I have the same clock, but I think I'm in a different time zone. 8 for me is "I love this! This is fun!" :-)

  6. This is great! Don't you find it just slightly pitiful that authors spend most of their time in agony?

  7. Yup, I'm at 4 o'clock and am trying oh so hard to get back to 3 :)

  8. I'm currently at 12 and 1 - two different stories. :) But I've just come through months of the hours in between with the book I just finished. And edits on it are still to come. Ahhhhh the life of a writer. :)

  9. Oh dear...I've been stuck at 10:00 for a while. Although I'm inching toward maybe 10:15? ;)

  10. Great post! Honest, and definitely absolutely relatable :)

    Sarah Allen
    (my creative writing blog)

  11. Those are minutes, not hours, right?

  12. Hangin' out around 7 just about now....

  13. Love it!! Those stages are so true

  14. LOL So fun, Katie! I love this. I'm not sure where I am. I think I forgot how to tell time!

  15. Very funny and very true. So what does it mean that I go through the clock multiple times on each story I write?