Friday, August 26, 2011

FFF: Why Harper Lee never wrote again

The only thing more interesting than publishing an enduring classic like the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel To Kill A Mockingbird is refusing to explain why you never wrote anything else. And yet, that's exactly what I bring to you today, the real explanation why reclusive American author Harper Lee never published another novel.

It is at once earthier and more believable than many of the theories I've seen bandied about.
The subject of "To Kill A Mockingbird" is off-limits for most who talk to its author Harper Lee, but not to her close friend, the Rev. Thomas Lane Butts of the Monroeville Methodist Church. "We talk about it once in a while," he tells Paul Toohey of Australia's Sunday Telegraph. "She once said to me when we were up late one night, sharing a bottle of scotch: 'You ever wonder why I never wrote anything else?' And I said, 'Well, along with a million other people, yes'. I espoused two or three ideas. I said maybe you didn't want to compete with yourself. She said, 'Bull ... Two reasons: one, I wouldn't go through the pressure and publicity I went through with To Kill A Mockingbird for any amount of money. Second, I have said what I wanted to say and I will not say it again'."
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