Monday, August 1, 2011

Google+ ~ New Social Media Phenom? Or Fizzle?

Okay, so first let me admit that I'm very new to Google+. I mostly joined just to see what all the fuss was about, and because I didn't want to miss an opportunity to reach readers if I felt they were hanging out on Google+.

My initial thought after being over there for a month or so: What's the big deal?

But in fairness, let me do a little comparison for you between Facebook and Google+.

I do like the way Google+ handles organizing your friends a little better than Facebook. I've never grouped my friends on Facebook simply because it feels like too much of a hassle. However Google+ makes creating your own groups for friends and moving them in there as simple as drag and drop. And you can add one friend to more than one group - so if you have a friend who is an author and a personal friend, you can put them in both groups.

I also like the fact that on Google+ you can remove yourself from a conversation. (Upper right corner of a comment, drop down the menu and choose "mute this post.") So if you wish someone a happy birthday, you don't have to endure the 50 emails from the 50 other people who are also giving out birthday wishes. However, I noticed on Facebook just the other day that they have also made this option available - I believe on Facebook the option reads "Leave this Conversation."

Google+ seems to make finding new friends - read: potential readers - harder than Facebook does. On Facebook I can join a group or a page that is related to the subject of my books and from there befriend many potential readers. However on Google+ this is not possible. (At least not that I've found yet. If I'm wrong, correct me.)

I haven't found any games on Google+ either. This could be a good thing (no more people offering to give you a rare, purple, spotted chicken for your hen-house in Farmville,) but I have to say that I do like to take a few minutes to relax with a short little game once in awhile, and Facebook does have some fun ones - ones I can play with my friends.

Basically other than the above, the two sites are pretty much exactly the same. And most of the action is still over on Facebook. So for what it's worth, my opinion is, you aren't missing much if you aren't on Google+ yet. But I plan to keep my eye on it.

Anyone have any other thoughts? Things I may have overlooked either Pros or Cons?
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