Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Resource Roundup ~ Suspense & Historical Research ~ Plus Some Freebies

Historical Reading and Research:
Today I offer a couple of great links for historical authors. The first is to an index of inspirational historical fiction. If you've written a work in this genre you can contact the list hostess and she will add your book for you. This is a great site for doing comparables for proposals also. Inspirational Historical Fiction Index 
Then there is this great site I found that has cataloged hundreds of links to articles about the Civil War. So if you need to do some research on the Civil War check out: The American Civil War Homepage 
Suspense / Thriller / Crime Fiction Research:
The links in this section are all to sites that have varying relation to medical or crime research. First there is Redwood's Medical Edge. She blogs about tons of medical stuff and you can email her with questions, too.
Then there is APB Online, a crime blog that exclusively covers current crime news.
CopNet offers tons of information on police procedures and agencies around the country. 
Crime and Clues is a forensics site. 
And the TruTV Crime Library has tons of stories of real life crimes.
General Research:
 If you would like to hear the dialect that your character speaks so you can authentically write their speech, check out The International Dialects of English Archive.
InfoPlease and RefDesk are two sites that might have useful information on your topic of research.
 Lastly, if you are in the thick of promoting a new release, or even a book that's been out for awhile, I've found Build Book Buzz to be a helpful site.
That's all the links I have for you today. Hopefully some of them will be helpful to you! As always, if you have a site that benefits you in one of these areas, please don't hesitate to share it with our readers in the comments.
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