Monday, September 12, 2011

Grin and bare it (your soul, that is)

Recently I came across an old list of questions a publicist once asked me, and I thought I’d ask them of you, dear reader. Depending on where you are in your writing journey, some of these may not apply (yet). But if you’re up to answering a few—or all—of them, and putting your replies up in the comments box below, I think it would prove an immeasurable help to everyone who reads them. So be honest, and tell all! *G*

What writers have you studied with, if any?

If you haven't studied writing, what inspired you to write?

Do you think your book will qualify for any awards?

Who do you see as your target market (reader)?

Is this your first book or are you multi-published?

Tell the world about your book. (Not the book blurb, the meat).

Give one line (a tagline) that describes your book.

How would you like to see your books promoted?

Do you have head shots, promotional photos?

Are you actively using social media to meet readers?

Do you have a website?

Do you maintain your website or do you have a webmaster?

Have you done public speaking?

Have you done television interviews, been before a camera before?

Have you done radio interviews?

Do you have a marketing and publicity budget?

What have you done to date to market your book? What do you feel the results were?

Where have you lived?

Children, grandchildren? Names and ages?

Pets? (Yes, I realized they could be listed under children!)

Do you have another profession? If so, what?


Likes & dislikes?

What professional organizations are you members of—in any field?

Have you won any awards, grants, or any type of honor—in any field?
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