Friday, November 25, 2011

Fabulously Fun Friday ~ Are you a Terrible Speller?

Okay, I am a notoriously terrible speller, so this cracked me up. Hope you all have recovered enough from your turkey induced comas to enjoy this. Happy Friday, all!

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  1. Is Scribendi a real company? If so, what a great commercial. Funny typos, either way. ;)

  2. I used to have very little patience with poor spellers, thinking it was mostly lack of caring. I still think some of it is (since an easy way to become a good speller is bother to have a good proof-reader, or bother to double-check the spelling of the book title and author's name).

    I'm terrible with names. At knitting club, I remember who has the daughter and who works at the clothing store, but not names.

  3. Katie, They are real - an editing and proofreading company.

    Cricketb, perhaps it is a lack of caring for some. I was just talking to one of the teacher's at my kids' school the other day and she mentioned several architects she knew who were all terrible spellers. They could see a new design and figure out how to apply it to a building, but spelling didn't come easy. I think God wired all of us differently, and for some, that means we don't see the spelling mistakes because we see what was meant to be said and don't stop to analyze the details. Even with the above video where I knew there would be a spelling mistake in each new slide, sometimes I had to stop the video and go back to see what the mistake actually was.

  4. My favorites were "Harvard Universty," "English is Our Language No Excetions," and Rachael Ray cooks her family and her dog. You'd think at least sign painters would stop and make sure words like "valet" are spelled right. On the other hand, maybe that's what their client wanted painted, and the painter's job is not to correct errors. I don't know.

    All I no is, I'm a gud speler. ;)

    ~ VT

  5. Victor, I like the "no exetions" too. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.