Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Review of Conducting Effective Twitter Contests by Tony Eldridge

The social media platform Twitter has long since rocketed its way into a fabulous network on which writers can connect with readers and promote their books. One of the ways authors can take advantage of that network is by hosting contests on Twitter, and marketing guru Tony Eldridge has compiled his considerable expertise on the subject into this short e-book. In a nutshell, Eldridge’s approach to Twitter contests is partnering with sponsors to offer large prizes, promoting the contest on his blog and Twitter account, and using people’s RTs of specific Twitter messages to qualify them for entry in the drawings.

The book offers a day-by-day guide to planning, setting up, running, and mopping up after a contest—and supplements its text information with links to dozens of videos that expand upon the chapters and offer visual aids where appropriate. Eldridge approaches the subject from the assumption that his readers may not know anything about running an online contest, so much of his info covers basics that many of his readers will already be familiar with. But, as someone who has run her fair share of online contests, I still encountered at least one new and worthwhile tidbit in every chapter.

The info does get repetitious at times, and I couldn’t help feeling that the book could have been successfully shortened by perhaps as much as a third. But it gets props for its intuitive and easy-to-follow layout, including Appendices offering at-a-glance summaries of much of the book’s info, as well as links and titles for further reading. Not a perfect book, but, all in all, I definitely recommend it to anyone considering any type of major online contest.
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