Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Review of Great Little Last-Minute Editing Tips for Writers by Carolyn Howard-Johnson

Carolyn Howard-Johnson is well known among writers for her helpful book The Frugal Book Promoter, and she continues to encourage and guide writers through her many other projects, including this fast read (56 pages), which she advertises as a supplement to her book The Frugal Editor. After opening with an intro, reminding authors of the importance of crossing our T’s and dotting our I’s in both our queries and our published works, she launches into the meat of the book: page after page of handy references for spotting and fixing tricky word pairs.

Organized alphabetically with word pairs separated by slashes (e.g., “bereft / bereaved”), the book makes it easy to look up definitions and identify which word should be used in specific circumstances. Although the book’s diminutive length prevents it from anywhere close to exhaustive, it’s a good starting place and can easily be backed up with the more complete list in The Frugal Book Editor.

Priced reasonably (especially the Kindle version) and packed with lots of writerly wit and humor, the book makes for both an enjoyable read and a worthwhile reference manual.
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  1. Carolyn is the writer's best friend. Everything she puts out has gold nuggets in it.

    1. Really, Linda. You made my evening. Thank you so much!

  2. Absolutely. Her Frugal Book Promoter rescued me from that first flood of marketing terror. I probably wouldn't be selling books today without her help.

  3. I have Carolyn's Frugal Book Promoter and the Frugal Editor, as well as The Great Little Last-Minute Editing Tips and they're each full of the most helpful information for writers and book marketers. I agree with Linda, Carolyn is a writer's best friend.

    Karen Cioffi Writing and Marketing

  4. @Pegg: Definitely worth a look!

    @Karen: I'd third the motion!

  5. Oh, my gosh. I ran across this lovely review on @kmwiland's Twitter stream. What a lovely surprise. Thanks to each of your for the recommendations. We all know that word-of-mouth is where it's at! But more than that, it's stuff like this that keeps me motivated to do more!


    Carolyn Howard-Johnson
    Excited about the new edition (expanded! updated! even more helpful for writers!) of The Frugal Book Promoter, now a USA Book News award-winner in its own right (

  6. Thank *you* for providing so many great resources to authors, Carolyn!

  7. Hoping you'll let me post this on the review site I provide for authors at no charge. It's a bit different from most. It lets authors and reviewers get more mileage out of reviews they already have. Submission guidelines are in the left column. (-: