Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Happy Anniversary!

We're three! Can you believe it? And as with every anniversary, we're making changes to guarantee our readers have a quality experience while here with us on AuthorCulture. We always strive to enlighten, encourage, and entertain--and now we have more people to help us reach our goals.

Along the right sidebar, you'll see the addition of Lisa Lickel, Janalyn Voigt, and Michael J. Scott, authors all and all chock full of wonderful advice and tips.

Lisa was one of the editors for Give the Lady a Ride, Linda's novel that debuted in 2011. She has a sharp eye for what works and what doesn't and carries that into her own writing. A multi-pubbed author of both fiction and nonfiction, she'll touch your heart and tease your brain.

Janalyn has a magical voice in her writing. She knows how to elevate prose to its highest level while keeping a sharp story running smoothly. Her trio of fantasy novels just sold to Harbourlight, and it won't be long before we see the first in the series, DawnSinger, advertised in our Amazon widget in the right sidebar.

Michael writes seat-edge international thrillers that leave you panting from the wild ride. His Jonathan Munroe series just sold to Ellechor and is guaranteed to please. With his Dragon's Eye Circle series, he shows his talent in the realm of fantasy also. Michael's books always promise adventure.

With these three talented authors and our regular group of Lynnette, Johne, John, and Linda, AuthorCulture will continue to become a center for discovering writing tips and techniques, interviews, reviews, and publishing news--and whatever else hits our creative fancies.

Will miss K.M. (Katie) Weiland who was, among other things, Queen of the Calendar, but she passed her sceptor to Lynnette who'll keep us all in line. John will be quiet for a while as real life tramples across his writing career. Once things settle for him, we can expect him to return, full of the wit and wisdom we've come to expect from him.

Lynnette, Johne, and Linda hope you join us in welcoming our new members and saying farewell to a loved one, and all of us here at AuthorCulture hope we prove ourselves worthy of the loyalty our wonderful readers have gifted to us over the past three years.

Our fourth year will be an inspiring adventure, and we're grateful to have you along for the ride!

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