Monday, July 2, 2012

What Kills Sales?

According to Joe Bunting by way of Donald Miller, what kills sales is not writing about death. Or, if the double-negative was too obscure, try it this way: write about death to get published.

Of the thir­teen books nom­i­nated to the 2011 Booker Prize longlist, every sin­gle one involved the theme of death.
Update: You can navigate to a much larger view of this starting here.
H/T: Mac

How many of your favorite novels involve a death? How many of your own stories? We've heard it said that we authors need to kill our darlings. The gist of that expression is that we develop an emotional attachment to our very clever work, which then colors our judgment. But maybe we need to be a little more literal and actual whack a character or two. It may be that a little authorial murder is just what you need to publish your work!

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