Monday, September 17, 2012

Blogging, Readers, and Book Sales

So a conversation some friends and I had the other day got me to thinking. For years we've been told that as authors we have to blog. If we want publishers to consider us we must build that illusive platform, one plank of which is blogging. But the conversation I had with my friends the other day went something like this...

"Do you ever read (insert favorite author's name here)'s blog?"
"No, not me. I don't have time to read blogs."
To the next party in the group. "What about you? Do you ever read So-n-so's blog?"
Shaking head. "Nope. I don't even know if she has a blog. Does she?"
"Yes. She blogs." To both parties. "Do you read any blogs?"
Both sticking out their lips. "Not really. Every once in awhile, I read an agent's blog. Other than that, not much."

This was eye-opening, if a bit alarming. But it got me to thinking and I want to take a survey of a large segment of the population to see if these statistics were just unique to that small group, or if in general they hold true across the board.

So I've created a very short survey and I'd love it if you would participate.

I'll come back in a few weeks after I've given plenty of time for lots of people to respond, to give you the results.

Click here to take survey

Thanks, everyone!
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