Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Times of Change

I confess. There are times I don't like change. After all, if everything stays the same, I won't have to take risks. New challenges won't raise the threat of potential failure. And I won't have to mourn the loss of what went before.

Distrusting change is part of the human condition. And yet, without change, I won't grow. If I don't face my own fears, I'll never know I can win against them or learn to regroup when I fail. If I don't say goodbye to yesterday, today will slip right by me.

It takes courage to answer the call to write. In these days of 99-cent e-books, dwindling advances and bookstore bankruptcies, writing has turned into something of a rat race. Many traditionally-published authors work long hours to write multiple books each year just to survive. Others spend themselves producing self-published books as the gates to the realm of publishing come crashing down right on top of the gatekeepers. All it takes is the willingness to learn and a bit of persistence, right? Well, and a good chunk of your life and energy.

I, like every writer in these murky waters, must chart my course regardless. If I am wise, I will heed the warning of the lighthouse beacon and steer clear of shoals.

As the waters of publishing shift and toss around me, change is my lifeline.

Note From Janalyn:

When I signed on as an Author Culture contributor, I didn't foresee the sheer amount of time marketing DawnSinger, my debut novel, would take or the work that goes into the care and feeding of an agent. With my additional move into teaching at writers' conferences, it's apparent that something had to give. I've enjoyed my stint as an Author Culture contributor, but this is my last post in that capcity. If you'd like to stay in touch, you can find me at my Janalyn Voigt site and connect to me via social sites from there. I'll stop in and say hello on Author Culture, here and there. I'm confident that the posts will be as informative and inspiring as always.

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