Monday, December 3, 2012

Resource Roundup: Word Geek Sites to Bookmark

Fellow word geeks: I admit I am not the best person to ask about adverbial phrases and colon- or semi- colon--oscopies, never mind why snotty literary freaks seem to hate adjectives and purple prose; however, I think we can all agree that there are many ways to color your worlds. Vocabulary. Scenes. Dialogues.

I offer these few sites I've come across to help when I want to figure out why my editor refused to accept liminal, plangeant, or chaffering. I mean, seriously, the otiose, vertinginous exercise must have simply left her a scintilla of doubt in my quotidian scene. She was obviously perjorative regarding serious authors who keep an accretitive word diary and parse with great hubris for the perfect putative vocabulary.

How many ways can a person gaze at another?

For help--see these web sites.

Resource Round-up


At a loss to spell that noise? Check Sounds:

Breaks down any word into case, type, and synonyms:

Thesaurus at your keyboard:

NonverbalDictionary this is a 781 page pdf file that provides gestures, signs, and body language - a must for any fiction writer.

Online Etymology Dictionary - provides historical meaning and sounds of words.

A very cool site that offers meanings, synonyms and antonyms, translations and pronunciations: Word hippo –

AlphaDictionary - provides access to a variety of different dictionaries and articles on words and word usage – 1,065, at latest count. will give you all kinds of cool info just by typing in a word, beyond definitions: taxonomy, resources, usage, other resources on the web, and so forth.
Do you have others you use on a regular to share? Please - Do So!
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