Monday, December 24, 2012

What an Influencer Does

It's Christmas Eve---do you know where your joy is?
We shouldn't make Christmas the season of gifts, but our joy reflects the season, yes? If you are a gift-giver who has yet to give, the Internet can help. Gift certificates to your giftee's favorite on line retailer is always a great plan, and readily accessible. What else can you do for your favorite authors or other business people that doesn't involve money? Here are a few examples. Please share your own as well.

There are book reviewers, there are promotion team members, there are posse and tribe members and cheerleaders for authors…but how does it work? What should they do for and with you to help you promote your work? Here are some examples; few of which you need to be a writer to do.

AN INFLUENCER WILL do many or all of these activities:

Recommend the book as club selection to your book club; visit the author's interviews and leave comments.

Mention the book when you visit online book club or chat sites.

Offer the author a guest spot on your blog or web site.

Regularly contribute to an online book review site, and online retailers to post a review.

Offer to write a book review for your local newspaper. Offer to write (or use one from the author) an article or press release.

Add the book to your list of favorites on social networking sites such as Facebook, Shoutlife, Author's Den, and Goodreads, and post about the book to your friends.

Ask your public library to order a copy of the book for their shelves. If your church has a library, ask the librarian to add it to the acquisitions list or offer to donate a copy.

When you shop at a bookstore see if they are carrying the book. If not, ask if they'll order a few copies.

If you belong to a writer's group with a newsletter, ask if you can contribute a book review or give some other plug.

Help create a buzz about the book by mentioning it in any groups you might belong to: small group studies, women's ministry groups, health club, MOPS, civic organizations, Scouts, PTA, etc.

Tell friends, family, other people in your social circles about the book and the author.

Hand out author cards, bookmarks, or other promotional materials.

Always remember: Word-of-mouth recommendation is still the number one reason book buyers buy specific books.


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