Friday, February 22, 2013

Grab Your Sword!

Chicago journalist Chris Redston dreams of a woman on a black warhorse, galloping toward him through a mist in a world entirely different from his own, a world he soon wakes up in.

Chris is a Gifted, one of the few allowed to live in his world and his dream world--but his dream world, Lael, is very real and, thanks to his bumbling, engaged in a civil war.

All it takes to traverse between the worlds is for Chris to sleep. In his real world, Chicago, he is hunted by bad guys, admitted into a psychoward by a friend, and struggling to forgive a drunken father who isn't a drunk in his dream world. In Lael, he scrambles to learn who is friend and who is foe, how to wield a sword, and how to earn the respect of a woman he could learn to love, her father, her one-eyed body-guard, and an entire nation of skeptics.

In both worlds, Chris Redston has his hands full and his abilities and talents stretched to the limit.

This is a high-action, speculative fiction novel by AuthorCulture's one-time co-founder, K.M. Weiland. Katie has a way of dropping her readers into another world, another place in time, and making them forget their own realities. Unlike those of us in a structured writing culture, where we're taught to stay within our genre so we can develop our "brand," Katie writes in whatever genre suits her imagination at the time. She has a Western, a Medieval, and a Speculative, and she's hard at work on a Historical. But her faithful readers know that whatever she writes is going to be full of action and living, breathing characters populating vivid settings. She never disappoints.

Her newest is no different.

Dreamlander is available on her website, and in hard copy and Kindle on

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