Friday, May 31, 2013

New Thriller Author on the Scene

The world of legal thriller writers just increased by one: Todd M. Johnson, trial lawyer, former US Diplomat, husband, father, and now author of the gripping debut novel, The Deposit Slip.

Jared Neaton is worn flat after leaving a huge law firm and going solo, only to lose his first break-out case that should've set his new practice up for good. When another break-out case lands in his lap, he hesitates. Stakes are high, and the payoff doesn't come unless he wins. His potential client can't finance his expenses, and the colleague who dropped the bombshell on him backed out of a sizeable amount of seed money.

And to top it off, his old firm represents the other side. They've done an excellent job of scaring off every other attorney the client has turned to for help. At this point, they figure there's nothing left but to sit back and count their money.

But something about Erin Larson makes Jared take her case. Intriguing enough is the ten million dollar deposit slip that has no matching bank account, but something about Erin herself intrigues him. Not romantically, as his assistant assumes, but the bond between two people with the similar experience of needing to forgive their fathers.

Intricately woven into this story of legal maneuvering, assassination attempts, and missing millions, is the tale of two fathers who made serious mistakes in their lives and the people who struggle to forgive them.

Published by Bethany House, The Deposit Slip is available everywhere books are sold, and you can learn more about Todd at his website, Author Todd M. Johnson.

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