Friday, June 7, 2013

Book Review: The American Patriot Series, J.M. Hochstetler

This series currently has four books available with more in the planning stages. If you love American History, I highly recommend these novels. Following is my review of the first two volumes.

Daughter of Liberty: Book One of the American Patriot Series

As a fan of historical romance, I was held captive with the charming characters and daring adventures in Daughters of Liberty. And as one who is passionate about the history of the American Revolution, this same book thoroughly swept me away. The author, J. M. Hochstetler, is an expert in every detail of the era. She describes in depth the events leading up to the start of the Revolution and she well portrayed the pain of families and friends divided in their loyalties between following the laws of the King of England vs. the outcry of the Patriots demanding freedom from oppression.

It is a heart-rending time as seen through the eyes of a young Patriot woman acting as a spy for the rebel cause. In her intrigue, she is suddenly caught in a personal dilemma she had never anticipated: Being attracted to a British officer who thinks she is loyal to England. Events begin to spin out of control—as do the young woman’s emotions—as she is torn between betraying the British and betraying her heart.

The characters are endearing and realistic, but it is the events of the era that take center stage in this highly dramatic novel that will leave you turning each page with anticipation.

Native Son: Book Two of the American Patriot Series

While I was swept away by the first book in the American Patriot series by J.M. Hochstetler, I was thoroughly grabbed emotionally by this second in the series, Native Son. This book picks up where Daughter of Liberty leaves off.

The newfound romance between American spy Elizabeth Howard and patriot Jonathan Carleton suffers an abrupt interruption: While they are planning their future together, General Washington is preparing to send them on dangerous missions that will separate them by hundreds of miles. Their intense love is put to a test. Can they put the needs of their new country struggling for freedom over their personal desires?

It is a heart breaking, thrilling, and gut wrenching journey on these pages filled with rich historical detail that will be visualized with clarity in readers’ minds. I am so anxious to pick up Book Three in this series, as my own heart wants resolution for this story.

This novel is a definite must-read for lovers of American History—as well as for lovers.

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