Monday, June 24, 2013

That Which Is Over Used

I read a lot. I know I've said this before. I'm also an author and know the struggle of describing actions, things, in dialog, etc. Since I've started writing I notice things in others' work, and my own in first draft form, that stick out. There are a few words to edit out as often as you can. This is all my humble opinion but blogs are the writer's opinion whether based in fact or not.

The most over used word to me is the word 'that'. Not in "He went that a way", but rather when the word doesn't really add clarification to the sentence.
'She was so close to exhaustion that she was starting to get sick.'
She was so close to exhaustion she was starting to get sick.
The 'that' isn't truly necessary yet we litter our narrative and dialog with it.

A way to avoid its overuse can be accomplished substituting 'who' when what 'that' is referring to is a person. It is also more grammatically correct.

Other substitutions are 'it' and 'the' as is 'so'. There are probably others also. It doesn't take much time and only a little thought to find a way to either eliminate, substitute or rearrange the sentence to avoid using 'that'.

Another word often overused when writing in third person is the word 'had'. As with 'that' often the word had can simply be eliminated. Care must be taken to be sure your tense isn't changed either in including 'had' or eliminating it.

As with most of our writing, taking time to be aware of these words will sharpen and improve our writing bringing it above the mediocre.

One caveat; If you are being paid by the word throw them in as often as you can.

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