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Hiring a Book Cover Designer, part 2

Hiring a Designer for your Book Cover, PART 2
By AuthorCulture guest, Lisa HainlineAward-Winning Graphic Designer
see the previous article from July 15 here

· Get your ISBN at so you own it in your name. Then you can distribute your book wherever you want. Know that if you use the free ISBN at a distributor like Smashwords or Createspace / Amazon, you will not be able to print your book with that ISBN elsewhere.

· Let your designer know early on where you will print the book so they can get an accurate cover template from the printer and so they can find out the printer's specifications for resolution, PDF requirements, etc.  

For example, color images on a printed cover are usually 300-600 dpi, but for your ebook cover it will be 72-96.

Tell your designer if you will print on white or cream paper as they are usually two different paper stocks and will have two different size thicknesses. This thickness varies from printer to printer and will affect the size of the spine on the book cover template.

· Get a professional bio picture taken of yourself. even though the book will give all the glory to God, readers want ... NEED to connect to real people. With this age of the Internet and anonymous authors, your readers want to know who you are and that you are not afraid to show yourself to the world. It is the way of false prophets and unrighteous who hide behind false names. Be bold about the message that you believe you have received from Him and pour it out to others openly.

· Pay the money for a good editor. Don’t just be satisfied to edit the book yourself. Your book should have at least three editing passes (at a content level, a line edit level, and then a proofread).

No best-seller looks like a homespun “off the kitchen table” book, so pay for a good interior formatter/typesetter because the interior design is just as important as the exterior. Your book will stand against professionally designed books at major publishing houses, so it’s worth saving up for.

· And again, ask DADDY on ALL stages of your book production. He is the master writer (HELLO!), master designer (LOOK at HIS wonders here on earth), the master marketer, physicist, scientist, artist, everything.

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have and you can see my book portfolio or marketing materials for authors at

Lisa Hainline or

Graphic designer, illustrator and art director, Lisa has 35 years of experience in advertising and graphic design, including logos, custom book covers, displays, postcards, business cards, bookmarks, and other marketing material for authors. View Lisa’s Book cover design here at Lionsgate or visit her personal website for more of her work and to learn more about her;  Contact Lisa directly at or at 909-939-0311 

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