Monday, September 23, 2013

Mutterings, Musings...

Isn’t it interesting how in the typewriter days, a person would have to format, spell, and use proper punctuation when typing or retype the page, and now we can utilize cut and paste, delete, find and replace, spellcheck and overwrite errors, and the quality of our writing has dramatically deteriorated?

Moving further back in history, a writer would print with a quill pen and sell the pages on the street for a few cents. Nowadays a writer can write quite easily and gives his work away on the Internet.

Isn’t it amazing that writers like Stephen King make over twenty million dollars a year, yet the average writer earn five thousand dollars? Don’t the ‘big bucks’ writers pull the average higher?

Publishers complain about e-publishing and self-publishing, yet it seems to me that a print book got read by a dozen people or so, ending up in thrift stores for a few cents. Now with Nooks and Kindles, the book only gets read by one person. Seems like a better deal for the publishers, at least in that instance.

Do you suppose libraries are on the wane? Will we see the end of libraries?

I see advantages in both types of published books. Reading e-books on my iPad is so convenient. Yet the idea of reading an electronic gizmo in the bathtub frightens me. Instead of getting a paperback book wet, I’d lose all the books, everything else, and the iPad too. For an example, take a paperback book and throw it on the floor. Now take your Kindle and… okay, maybe not, but you get the idea. The pages don’t curl and turn yellow on a Nook, either. Although I’m sure there’s an App for that.

Do you think electronic books could accessorize with pictures, video, links? Just wondering.

We live in the most wonderful age of reading. What an amazing culture we enjoy.

Keep reading and writing.






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