Monday, October 14, 2013

Author Choices: To Be (Crazy Busy) or Not To Be...

I recently heard about a multi-published author, Kevin DeYoung, who wrote on a topic that we all can relate to: Being excessively busy. The book is appropriately named Crazy Busy.

The title completely grabbed me since that is how I answer folks when they ask me how I am. “Crazy busy,” I reply, with a hint of panic in my voice. I realize I am not alone. As Pastor DeYoung states, he has yet to find anyone in America who claims to have time on their hands.

We can all blame social media. Or the economy. Or a myriad of other reasons. But what none of us ever blames is the person looking at themselves in the mirror with bleary, sleep-deprived eyes. That is where Mr. DeYoung’s words grabbed me: Perhaps I was not being discerning or wise in some of my day-to-day choices.

I am one of those authors who has way too much on my plate and usually it’s my own fault. I really don’t want to say “no” to doing a guest blog post. Or co-writing a promising book. Or going to one more writers’ conference so I can pitch proposals. Or learning the latest and greatest in Social Media.

Here is the reality. We can submerge ourselves into our writing so deeply that, when we come to the surface for air, we’ll realize we’ve missed a huge opportunity to spend time with our loved ones. We were so busy saying “yes” to everyone and everything else, that we forgot we were saying “no” to those who mean the most to us. And sometimes those opportunities will never be there again.

The writers that I know who seem to handle their busy schedules the most successfully are not just organized but they have their priorities clearly defined.

I recently came to the realization that I have far too many writing distractions in my life. It’s been a few months since I’ve worked on a very important manuscript and that’s just not acceptable to me. That is why this will be my last post at Author Culture.

I have greatly enjoyed being a part of this group blog with so many writers who I admire. But life is about choices. And I’m choosing to trim my schedule and re-evaluate my priorities. I’m learning it’s OK for a writer to say “no.”

You can still find me online at Hope to “see” you there—if you have the time. ;-)

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