Friday, November 8, 2013

Friday Book Review: Am I Okay, God --When a book is more than a book

Am I Okay, God
Lorilyn Roberts

Kindle book: $2.99

So, I was one of the editors on this project, I freely admit. I don't do this often, post a review of a project here, but this book is so unique. It seems we just got around to e-books in general, when now they're jumping to a whole new level. E-books have been here -- QR (quick response) codes have been here a while -- why not combine them? And that's what the author did.

I don't have a smart phone (I don't know how long I can hold out on every machine in the world smarter than me), but the author also helpfully added the physical link along with a QR code that leads the reader to a YouTube video or song that illustrates the devotional. E-books interacting with other web-based material isn't completely new, either, I realize, but I thought it was a really neat idea. How many of you have read books like this, or even created one? I hope to incorporate something like this in my future books.

You can learn more about QR codes and how to generate them here, at generator site.

Here is a sample of what the coded picture looks like, from Roberts's book, Devotion 4, Guilt:



I knew Roberts's The Seventh Dimension: The Door was a terrific story; an allegory that I thoroughly enjoyed, even though it's targeted to young adult readers. It's no stretch, then, to see how this lovingly thought-out devotional adds even more depth and meaning to The Door. Each of the twenty-six devotionals deals with an aspect of life we all know, from being bullied, to holding secrets you think no one else shares, to forgiveness and seeing God for who he really is. The individual chapters features a passage from The Door, some long and some just a sentence, which shows how the theme is played out in Roberts's allegorical world. The author then shares an episode from her life or from another person or book in a brief essay that ties into the theme. Lovingly crafted prayers follow.

I appreciated the work that went into preparing this special book. Am I Okay, God is a wonderful partner to faith. Recommended for any junior high and up-aged loved one; younger if more mature. Makes a fantastic godparent/sponsor gift, too!
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