Friday, November 1, 2013

Home Run by Travis Thrasher

Cory Brand could bat fear and pain clear out of the ball park, but it always came back. He spent his childhood fielding baseballs and abuse from his drunken father. He did what he could to protect his little brother.

Fast forward to a major league baseball career complete with raucous celebrity lifestyle. Cory enjoys his privileges way too much, landing right back in his little Oklahoma home town with a mandate to complete eight weeks of anger and alcohol management. He finds himself right where he doesn’t want to be, where he was abused, and where he left a dirty little secret. Headed toward his home town from the airport with his brother Clay in tow, he racks up a wreck and a DUI. This puts Clay out of commission for coaching Little League. Cory’s publicity director, Helene, jumps on that with a passion. Seriously? Coach a Little League baseball team complete with the son he abandoned in favor of a career? The other coach just happens to be the woman he left pregnant and alone.

Forced to deal with the stats of his past, Cory faces the roots of his anger and alcoholism. He finds himself drawn to the faith of the other members of his twelve step group. Could that be his answer to freedom, to a relationship with his son, and the Son?

The twelve step Celebrate Recovery Program is based on a real ministry launched twenty years ago at Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church. Anyone with a painful past will identify with Cory. I found the inner struggle and strategic back story intriguing and captivating. The outcome is satisfying and expected, but the journey is heart wrenching and surprising.

I didn’t realize until completing the novel that it is based on a movie starring Vivica Fox and Scot Elrod that released in October of this year. The film and the novelization are available on Amazon. I have this movie on my list for the holidays.

Travis Thrasher is the author of over twenty works of fiction in a variety of genres. He has collaborated with musicians, filmmakers, and pastors. His stories all feature broken characters on journeys toward redemption. Other books for 2013 include Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not? co-authored with the band Thompson Square.

Travis and his wife, Sharon, live in a suburb of Chicago and have three daughters. For more information on Travis, go to
For information about Celebrate Recovery, visit

Happy National Novel Writers Month!
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