Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Revision Decisions

My publisher responded to my agent about a sequel submission I sent recently. They graciously responded that some revisions were needed. They’d be happy to look at it again if I were willing to revise. Good news, right? That’s not a rejection, but a revision. Love it. Went to sleep that night with a plan of action.

2:00 a.m. Woke up with self-doubt. Can I really rise to the next level with this story? I have a “no whining” policy for myself, but I did allow 30 seconds to lament my current time constraints. Pity party over. Now I need to listen to the Father. These are the thoughts that came to me.

Revision has one of my favorite words in it. Vision. Websters: the ability to see : sight or eyesight, : something that you imagine : a picture that you see in your mind :something that you see or dream, especially as part of a religious or supernatural experience. 

I need to “see” my story again. This is how I need to do it.

Revisit my publisher’s imprint. Did I submit a work that was outside their guidelines? Also, revisit the formula for my genre. For instance, a romance generally has two POVs, the hero and heroine. I’d fallen in love with the developing romance of some secondary characters and gave them too many scenes in their POV.

Research for some wisdom about writing sequels. Writing and publishing has been quite a learning journey for me. I need to keep educating myself about my passion. 

Rely on the revision suggestions the editor made. I may have submitted the sequel with confidence, and be totally attached to my characters and story, but the editing team for my first book really made me look good. Their opinion will help me succeed this time as well.

Refocus on my take away. I need to redefine what I want my readers to get out of this work. That eases the pain of having to change some things that I felt attached to in the story that will simply have to go. If my original vision remains, I’m still doing well.

Looks like rewriting this book will be my project for National Novel Writers Month this year. We’ll be in the middle of that when this posts. If you’re participating, I hope you’re having fun.
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