Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Here's To The New Year Goals

It's almost here; 2014. I don't know what your year has been like. I'm sure some of you are looking for 2013 to be over. For me the past year has been good in writing, selling, as well as my normal life. We tend to review the past and look forward to the coming. For me it doesn't mean resolutions. I gave up trying to do those years ago. I always fail. Instead I've been setting goals to strive for.

December of 2012 I developed writing goals for the year. Being the disorganized person that I am, I have lost the list. It was on my computer so I shouldn't have but... Whether I completed all the goals doesn't really matter. I know I achieved several.

So, now I'm looking to set goals for 2014. I don't get specific about the goals unless there is something I definitely want to get done. I don't set target dates except for wanting a book ready for release by June 1. Rhubarb Fest happens the first Friday and Saturday of June and draws a lot of people. It's a good time to get the new book into many hands.

Here is my goal list:

Goals for 2014 


Seeing The Life June
Mark & Kyria June

Begin novels

Janie’s Story   Cottonwood Series
Chloe's Story   Stones Creek Series


Stories one per month
Pharaoh’s Line

Devotions one per month


So why am I telling you of my goals. Mainly so you can see that planning out what you'd like to accomplish in a year doesn't have to be specific and detailed. By having these set down I have thought about what I might be able to accomplish and still have my life. They are now in  my head in an organized manner percolating on the back burner. Even if I don't get a short story a month written it's alright. Maybe I'll get two done the next month. 

 As authors we are creative thinkers, at least those of us who write fiction. We can get lost in our stories and suddenly the year is over and there's nothing new released. Setting up a simple outline of my goals at the beginning of the year helps me be able to look back and see that I've accomplished something.

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  1. I've never been a big fan of goals, mostly because I don't like failing. In 2013, though, I set out to make an income goal for myself, and wow, it worked out almost perfectly. I'm afraid to look back and see what I did. I'm afraid of taking the next leap to increase the goal for this year. But I do like the idea of accomplishing something. Thanks for pointing this out, Sophie.

    1. It seems like the goals I've made for my writing career change so much throughout the year that by the end I wonder why I made them. Although I still do. I write down a "working business plan" each year and what I want to accomplish. It's scary, but helps me pan.

      Good for your for achieving your income goal, Lisa! And don't fear... even if the goals change, having them helps your focus moving forward.

  2. I set writing goals every year but my secret is to then review my goals every quarter end. I look to see where I'm making progress and where I need an extra push. Sometimes the goal review removes things entirely and adds new ones. But that's good too because it means I'm still keeping goals in the forefront of my thinking and therefore able to achieve them.

  3. My main goal for 2014 is to figure out how to work toward goals. LOL! Just kidding, although that IS one of my goals. I've been practicing the last 6 weeks, and I'm hooked.
    So I'm thinking bigger now and extending my goals to the full year. Thanks for the encouragement!