Friday, December 6, 2013

It Sure is Fun to Win an Award

I was in Miami, FL from Nov. 20th through the 24th. The Readers' Favorite Book Contest Awards Ceremony was being held there. My first novel, Healing Love, won a silver medal in the genre of Christian Historical Fiction.

Healing Love has won two other awards but this is the first one which truly honored me as an author. The first award earned $100 which I loved getting, but they wanted $45 for the image of their winner's logo. I didn't think taking 45% of my winnings back so I could advertise for them was too much of an honor. The second was an announcement and a discount on the services they offer. Again, not really looking to promote my book or honor my work in a real way.

Readers' Favorite is entirely different. The company offers both free and two week express reviews which do have a cost. They offer other services as well at very competitive prices.

Debra Gaynor started Readers' Favorites in 2005 along with her partner James Ventrillo. Their goal is to 'a comprehensive and easy-to-use hub for authors and readers' says Debra.

I met many authors from all over the world who won medals or were finalists and honorable mention authors. We talked books, writing, joys and frustrations. In short we had a great time getting to know each other.

The Miami International Book Fair was going on and Readers' Favorite had a booth with displaying each winning book. 

On of the things which sets Readers' Favorite apart from other reviewing and author companies is that much of what the company earns in revenue is donated to various charities. It's also possible for you to donate your books. St Jude Children's Hospital is one of the places donated books can go to.

I know I sound like an advertisement for Readers' Favorite but I'm not. I simply have come to respect Debra and James for what they are doing to promote especially indie authors. 

I urge you to check them out at They are taking entries for the 2014 contest. Who knows, maybe you will see how fun it is to win an award.

Oh, I forgot. You remember the TV show ER? Well Eric LaSalle is an author who won also. He was there. Here's my 3 seconds of rubbing elbows with a Hollywood actor, director, producer and director.

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