Friday, January 17, 2014

Book Review: 'Protect and Defend,' by Vince Flynn

News reports have lately reported about nuclear negotiations with Iran. Vince Flynn's 'Protect and Defend' is a thriller that includes that country's development of nuclear power, masking their hidden agenda of a nuclear arsenal.

An Israeli spy works inside the facility and figures out how to destroy the 'indefensible' fortress. He manages to implode the facility and Iran powers up against the USA (who knew nothing about it) and Israel for a fight.

Enter Mitch Rapp, a CIA assassin who goes to the Middle East to figure things out. While there, Irene Kennedy, who is his boss and the head of the CIA, gets kidnapped. (The scene where Kennedy is taken has some eerie similarities to the Benghazi attack of Sept. 11,2012 in Libya.) The Iranians add to the confusion and ratchet up the tension by sinking a ship of their own navy fleet and blame the Americans.

Mitch needs answers quickly and uses 'creative' methods to interrogate prisoners they captured from the kidnapping, which would give the book a hard 'R' rating. Mitch gets results and becomes key to putting the Humpty Dumpty mess together again. Flynn keeps the reader on the edge of his seat and turning pages with relish.

I mentioned in the first paragraph that the book is timely, as Iran has been in the news with their nuclear proliferation. After checking the publish date of 2008, I realized that the book wasn't just timely but prescient. While it is a page turning thriller, it contains violent scenes.

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