Friday, February 7, 2014

Book Review - Silent Witness by Nicola Beaumont

The Amazon description for this book reads: "Danger. Deception. Conspiracy . . .In the shadow of forgotten memories, lies the deadly truth. The arrival of a mysterious letter turns an accident into murder and drives Nina Thomas to investigate her father's death. But what lurks in the past is a secret so deadly that searching for answers may be the last thing Nina ever does. H. Rylan Anderson has been undercover for years. Just when he's about to close the case, Nina shows up. Now he has to protect his identity, protect the girl, and keep hidden the truth about himself that threatens to shatter her life forever.To chip away the lies and unlock the mysteries hidden in her mind, Nina must learn to trust the one man who s sworn to help her . . . but how can she trust him when he may be the very soul responsible for her father s death?"

The first three words in the blurb - danger, deception, and conspiracy - jump off the page from the get go and never let up. Layers and layers of deception are peeled back  as Nina gets closer to the truth. I found myself rooting for her protector, and worrying about him as well. Nina must go to Shadow Creek, the small town where her father died in an accident. She was with him, but only a small child and can't remember the details. Everyone in town is owned by some mysterious thug, and anyone who tries to help her suffers loss. Anderson, her protector, risks his life to save her, and is surprised by what he gains in the end. Nina's quest provides answers that she never expected, and her life is changed forever. I really enjoyed this story.

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