Monday, March 10, 2014


I sometimes get bogged down and foggy brained just when I need to be sharp for writing a scene or editing a manuscript. Don't we all?

Balance. Balance is my pastor husband's favorite word. I hear it often, so it naturally comes to mind when I get in a jam. Remembering this helps me clear my mind and achieve balance in my writing life. My top three ways to do this are:

1. Take a break. I try to take a deep breath and go for a walk. Get out of my chair and take myself somewhere I've never gone before. Something as simple as a different route to the post office can jump start my tired brain.

2. Read outside my genre. I'm always reading my own genre and finding knowledge and enrichment for my craft. But reading something totally foreign to my genre and style give me a fresh perspective and new ideas.

3. Write a soldier. Blessing a soldier with a newsy, encouraging, and grateful letter gives me instant ministry. Our writing projects take months to find their way to the outside world to make an impact. A soldier letter impacts as soon as the brave servant reads it. Just google 'write a soldier' and multitudes of avenues to connect with a soldier are at our disposal. This small act of kindness for our brave men and women reminds me why I write in the first place, and inspires me.

Balancing the bogged down scale with one or all of these three activities helps me balance my writing life. How do you bring balance to your writing?
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