Monday, March 17, 2014

Creating Large Print books with Create Space

Did you know you can publish a separate print book that is a large print edition on Createspace?  

When you publish a large print edition, it will then be linked with your Kindle, print and audiobook versions.   I have done this with my book, “A Life of Gratitude.”

Although we have not had many sales of our large print books, one author told me that 50% of her sales are of the large print edition.  It is another way to provide your book to your readers and potentially diversify your income.

How to Publish a Large Print Edition of Your Book

I contacted Createspace about publishing a large print edition book and here is what they said..

“You will be required to set up your title as you would any other using the large font size (i.e. at least 16 pt font).  

Under the ‘Description’ of the Distribution section you will need to indicate that this is a large print book. Once this box is ticked, your title will be listed as ‘Large Print’ on the Amazon detail page.

Furthermore, you will need to set up your book as a new title with a new ISBN. In addition, your large print title will be linked with the paperback and Kindle version if they offer the same content.”

I took screenshots of how you do this within your Createspace account below:


Therefore, all you need to do is change the size of your font, check the formatting for any changes, and finally upload the changes as a new book. 

Amazon has an entire separate section for just large print books that you can see here:

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  1. I hadn't thought about this, and I have a hard time reading the tiny print in some books. I'll be sure to set up a large print edition. Thanks!

  2. This is good to know. Thanks, Shelley!

  3. Thanks for the reminder. I keep meaning to do this.

  4. hum, you know that an ebook has adjustable size font right? And is less expensive than a large print book. Most of the folks I know that liked the larger print books moved to ereaders a long time ago for this very reason. Wouldn't it be better to suggest that you have a well formatted ebook and use Amazon's matchbook feature to offer the ebook with a print book for folk that need larger print?

  5. Actually, it is much harder than that.

    If you take the needs of your readers seriously, you would be well advised to chose the cream paper option. The with paper maybe actualy to bright.

    Sans serif fonts are much easier to read for the visualy impaired. You also want a font with a distinct design for the “I”, the “l” and the “1”. Clear Sans is a good choice. I personnaly use PT Sans. Medium or bold faces are better.

    There is many other considerations. Bonding, leading, tracking, margins… Make a simple Google search, you will easily find many.

    It is never easy. Respect your clientele.

  6. Many thanks. Useful and clearly presented.
    — jules