Friday, March 7, 2014

Dick Francis 'Comeback' Book Review

Like meeting an old friend, I picked up a Francis thriller, 'Comeback.' Peter Darwin helps out a couple in Miami and accompanies them to England, where things fall apart. Their future son-in-law, a veterinarian, has lost numerous horses on the operating table and his reputation as well. Darwin traces the deaths and soon the ante is upped with a homicide. The comeback is Darwin returning to his roots and digging up dirt from his youth.

Francis, a former steeplechase jockey, fell and suffered a career ending injury and turned to writing as an alternative. His books mix horse racing with other endeavors, such as air freight services for horses, wine, a cross country Canadian train tour and toy manufacturing, to name a few.

Francis spins great yarns, and I'm proof to that. I've read every book he's written, many numerous times, and have never been to a horse race. I'm not particularly fond of horses either, yet his novels, all written around horses and horse racing, captivate me. Even though the books are a bit (okay a lot) long in the tooth, they still keep me reading after all these years- er, decades. He's written more than forty bestsellers.
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